Once I’m vaccinated, can I go back to normal life?


Everyone – vaccinated or not – will need to continue all current recommendations regarding social distancing, wearing a mask, and avoiding travel. This is because up to 10% of vaccinated individuals will not be protected from getting COVID-19, and because reinfection, while uncommon, can still occur. And the vaccine itself doesn’t prevent you from contracting the virus; it simply prepares your body to mount a vigorous defense so that if you do become infected, the resulting illness is far less likely to be life-threatening.
– excerpted from AARP Bulletin, January/February 2021, Vol 62. No. 1.

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Memorial Gathering for Steve Thrift

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How Close We Came to Monarchy


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Senator Rick Scott Disgraces Himself and Embarrasses Florida

Former Governor of Florida and current Senator Rick Scott, who escaped fraud charges and left with $300 million has been a sad excuse for a representative of Floridians.


His successor, Governor Ron DeSantis was first seen as a slight improvement, but has been proven to be more lethal with his mishandling of the state’s pandemic response and the administration of the vaccine rollout.


And US Representative for Florida’s 3rd District, Kat Cammack is keeping the bar low.


Floridians have much work to do to get up to speed as one of the nation’s largest and most important states.

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Uncontrolled Spread

From https://www.covidexitstrategy.org/ on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

Businesses, bars, and restaurants are open. Sports are happening.
Party like it’s 1347.

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Star Gazing at Heritage Park

I will be in Heritage Park with my telescope on Friday night October 30 before 7 PM until after 8 PM. It’s going to be an incredibly clear night with Jupiter Saturn Mars and the moon. Stop by and see the four moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. – Dr Joe Rush

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Virtual Down Town Melrose!

Join the fun today!

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Seeds of Promise at the Library! Just in time for Fall Garden planting.

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Remembering a friend to the fishing community

A tribute published by Gary Simpson in the Gainesville Sun on Friday, July 3rd, 2020.

The area fishing community lost a good friend last Sunday [June 28, 2020] when Eddie Joe Parrish passed away. He and I went way back to the days when we both attended a Sunday school class taught by my mom.

Eddie Joe Parrish

While working at Chiappini’s Service Station in Melrose, Eddie made the most of his fondness for helping kids catch fish. Several years ago, he came up with his annual “Great Worm Giveaway” that started as a request for area fishers to donate their plastic worms to kids who could use them to catch fish through their summer vacations. Hundreds did come into Chiappini’s for their free worms, but through the years, the donations grew to include rods, reels and all kinds of other tackle. Eddie’s popular program enabled tackle of all kinds to flow from fishers whose time on the water was growing short, into the possession of kids whose fishing was just beginning.

We can’t know how many children Eddie introduced to fishing or how many thrills he helped them experience. His was a simple but noble calling.

[Gary Simpson, a veteran tournament angler, writes a weekly sports column for the Gainesville Sun and operates Gary’s Tackle Box at L&S Auto Trim, 5721 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32653, (352) 372-1791]

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July 4th Boat Parade

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