Buy DVDs of “The Lake Santa Fe Story”

Want to learn more about the Melrose area?
Watch “The Lake Santa Fe Story“, an 18-minute documentary about our unique area, its history, and its citizens.

To order, send $10 per DVD plus $2 shipping to
Historic Melrose, Inc.,
PO Box 704,
Melrose, FL 32666

Make the check out to HMI, and be sure to include a mailing address for delivery.

Or, you can pick one up in person at these Melrose locations:

For questions or further details, contact:

Keith Bollum, President
Historic Melrose, Inc.
P.O.  Box 704, Melrose, Florida 32666

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2 Responses to Buy DVDs of “The Lake Santa Fe Story”

  1. Marshall says:

    A new batch of DVDs has arrived and they’re available at the spots mentioned above, or send a letter to Keith Bollum along with your check. Now that the funds have been raised for the painting of the school gym, all proceeds from the DVD sales are going to benefit HMI.

  2. Jane S. Cahaly says:

    In a recent exploration into the history of my Mother’s family I have found my Florida roots are in Melrose. My maternal grandmother Mary Elva Whitcomb (Gainey) was born in Melrose the eldest daughter of Oscar Luke Whitcomb and Suzanna Baldwin (Whitcomb) who were married in Melrose in 1884 – both of them are buried in the Melrose cemetery. Oscar Luke was from Boylston, MA and Suzanna was the daughter of James Baldwin and the sister of Leonard Baldwin who I believe was the owner of the L. Baldwin and Son store that has been restored in Melrose. Oscar Luke was the nephew of and raised in the home of John B. Gough, the famous temperance orator who vacationed in Melrose cc 1840-1860. If anyone knows any information about Oscar Luke and/or Suzanna Baldwin or about John B. Gough’s time in Melrose, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you!

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