Christmas Poinsettia Lights

Here is a shining example of another attractive feature that Melrose can be proud of: Christmas light fixtures along SR26! Thank you to volunteers from the Melrose Business and Community Association for assembly and installation of these beautiful poinsettias.

Now for the pictures!

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3 Responses to Christmas Poinsettia Lights

  1. Tom Lucas says:

    And these are brought to the Community by the Melrose Business & Community Association (MBCA) and the citizens of Melrose who contribute to providing and maintaining these
    “For the Benefit of All”

  2. JeanR says:

    Well said, Tom!

  3. Like Brad said, Ian did not even have a chance to play the photo HOH. You guys do watch the show right?“Again, it looks like a competition Ian Terry should be good at, but once again he fails to take it home”

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