FREE Concert In The Park!

Stevens Concert in the Park

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  1. Marshall Bloom says:

    Let me first say that bluegrass is not my preferred type of music. I was raised on Rock ‘n Roll – Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Grace Slick. I’ve since moved to blues and jazz. But having said that, I must tell you how much I enjoyed The Stevens Family concert on Tuesday. These are some highly talented people. Ma and Pa Stevens can be very proud. Bassist Sissy was all over the upright bass and slapped it around like it was a mean stepchild. Luke, lead guitarist, had some great moments, and I wish they will come back so we can hear him join in the harmonies. He was battling a cold and was quiet through most of the concert. Pa wailed on the banjo, and Ma took over lead vocals on several songs. But who really blew me away was Ben, the mandolin player. The tribute song he wrote for his daughter was not only beautiful, but a rocket speed demonstration of fingering skill that drew the whole band together in a crescendo of stunning music mastery.

    No, bluegrass may not be my first choice on the jukebox, but you can bet I’ll be listening to The Stevens Family again if I ever get a chance. Big thanks to Century 21, Frank Fields, and all the others who sponsored this event. This is exactly why we have a gazebo in Heritage Park.

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