Hurricane Irma Passing Through Melrose

Here are the detailed forecasts for our area regarding wind and rain for Alachua and Marion Counties. This was current as of noon, Friday, 9/8.

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2 Responses to Hurricane Irma Passing Through Melrose

  1. Elaine Dolan says:

    So there are forecasts and there are actual events. Was there any wreckage from IRMA in Melrose?

  2. Marshall says:

    Yes – quite a bit. Lots of trees down, but few landed on homes or buildings. Several power outages from trees or limbs falling on power lines. Some serious flooding, but most of it dissipated within a few days. Lake Santa Fe is still too high for many of the lower-level homes which are battling waves lapping at their doorstep. I’d guess that 95% of the people are back to normal, except for ongoing cleanup of downed limbs, and the rest are dealing with repairs or residual water.

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