Ken Mc Gurn to speak at the Democratic Women’s Club of the Lakes Area

Dear Lakes Area Friend:

Regardless of your political persuasion you owe it to yourself to come meet and hear Ken Mc Gurn speak at the Democratic Women’s Club of the Lakes Area next Thursday August 25 at 6:30pm.  Mr. Mc Gurn was instrumental in the down town restoration/renovation of Gainesville and has a fascinating background story.  He is running for Congressional District 3 opposite Ted Yoho.  We’ve had a few years to evaluate Mr. Yoho’s contributions so please do your due diligence and check out Mr. Mc Gurn!

6:30pm Thursday, August 25, Melrose Homemaker’s Club, 25728 Park St., Melrose

Mc Gurn and possibly 1 or 2 other speakers will start this program and after that you can duck out before the Democratic Women begin their meeting.  The DWCLA is forbidden to contribute financially to congressional candidates, so if you are inclined to make a donation please donate directly to the candidate.

There will be refreshments.

I hope you will take this opportunity to meet this very interesting and accomplished man.

Fran Rossano


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