Lake Elizabeth Hit by Thieves

Full moon on Wednesday night, July 17th, was the ideal time for thieves to come onto our lake and steal as much as they could carry. Boats, trolling motors, batteries, fishing gear, etc., were gone from their moorings when daylight came on Thursday. Alachua County Police have been notified, but be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell this gear. Contact police at 352.955.1818.

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  1. Marshall Bloom says:

    A follow-up to the initial report:
    The culprits were a small group of young teenagers living on Lake Elizabeth who were intent on causing mischief as much as stealing items that did not belong to them. Almost all of the gear was found and recovered. Boats were relocated and set adrift, trolling motors removed, and several dock chairs were tossed into the water. Alachua County Police investigated the incident(s) and Grand Theft charges are pending.

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