Links to Info on Florida Amendments for November 2018

If you were as astonished as I was at the rather long list of constitutional amendments listed in the paper this morning (13 amendments, so far, will appear on our ballots in November), you may also find it a bit overwhelming to make an informed decision on all the amendments. While searching for some online help in sorting out the details, I ran across this Ballotopedia site that provides some helpful unbiased information about each proposal.

Whenever my ballot starts to get this complicated, I often make notes to take with me into the voting booth to help keep my choices straight. Or to use when I fill out a mail-in ballot. Now is the time to begin your homework for November 6th, 2018, and remember to…

It’s best to use the exact title or bill number when searching for articles related to a specific amendment. You can also find a list of all the amendments on the site. Here is a list of links to each of the proposed amendments. Note that this list could change before November 6th (in fact, Amendment 13 is being challenged for removal from the ballot and the Florida Supreme Court is scheduled to make a decision in September). 


1. Increased Homestead Property Tax Exemption
2. Limitations on Property Tax Assessments
3. Voter Control of Gambling in Florida
4. Voting Restoration Amendment
5. Supermajority Vote Required to Impose, Authorize, or Raise State Taxes or Fees
6. Rights of Crime Victims
7. First Responder and Military Member Survivor Benefits: Public Colleges and Universities
8. School Board Term Limits and Duties: Public Schools
9. Prohibits Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling: Prohibits Vaping in Enclose Indoor Workplaces
10. State and Local Government Structure and Operation
11. Property Rights: Removal of Obsolete Provision: Criminal Statutes
12. Lobbying and Abuse of Office by Public Officers
13. Ends Dog Racing


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