MBCA Emergency Meeting Minutes, July 9, 2019

BOD Attending: Joe Rush, Tom Germano, Kate Ellison, Stasia Rudolph
William Chiappini
Melrose Bay Property Owners Association attendees: Pam Johnston, Herb Horne, Ron and Pat Mythaler and Rose Cole.

Kate begins w/ a brief summary of why this meeting was called and details some of the miscommunication regarding ongoing issues at Bay Park. Kate continues to explain that the situation at bay park has become intolerable for many local residents w/ loud parties, drinking, lewd language and general bad behavior on the part of beach goers. Discussion ensues regarding specific examples of same.

Kate recommends that we go around the table and allow attendees to introduce themselves because there are many people who do not know each other. Kate then acknowledges that written communication has met some ongoing roadblocks and that she has called the meeting to resolve these issues.

Discussion moves to registered letters, text etc that went unanswered on the part of MBCA. Discussion becomes heated and Kate urges everyone to stay calm and reassures all that we can solve this issue. Rose gets up to leave then Joe leaves. Rose returns. Joe remains absent from the rest of meeting.

Discussion continues with Rose detailing her experiences w/ beach goers and the negative impact on her nearby home. Other local residents cite their similar experiences. Rose reads from a social media post regarding beach. Discussion moves to who locked the beach? No one present had answers to that question.

Subject turns to liability for MBCA. Stasia reads from a May 2019 memo from Taylor Law firm in Keystone. Letter states that because MBCA does not charge the public for access then there is no liability. Stasia will provide copies of letter to anyone requesting same.

Stasia asks local residents if situation was improved over July 4th long weekend. Stasia provides details on hiring Justin Carmichael to “patrol” beach from 12-6PM from Thursday through Sunday. All agree that Justin’s presence had a very positive impact on situation. Stasia reviews financials of keeping Justin on schedule and reminds the group of the expenses. Stasia offers to cover the $330 expense for July 4th as a one time donation to beach park fund.

Stasia reviews current balances in MBCA accounts and asks if Melrose Bay Property Owners Association has made their yearly contribution to beach fund. Pat says yes that she wrote a check last month. Stasia will follow up.

Stasia moves discussion to address the stakeholders (adjacent property owners) to beach and asks if they would be willing to develop a proposal to take over management of the beach. Kate said if owners Asooc agrees to write such a proposal it will have to be presented to MBCA board for approval or not. Owners agreed to take this under consideration.

Signage was brought up earlier in meeting by Joe Rush and signing issue is now revisited by William and Herb. Herb has access to sign resources so he offered to research and come up with a proposal.

William brings up the “No Trespassing” memo that must be signed and delivered to Alachua Sheriff’s Dept. Pat Ward is in possession of this document. Stasia will follow up.

William brings in proceeds from donation box and Stasia counts $45 and loose change. Pat writes a check to MBCA to join as member. Stasia agrees to deposit at Ameris after meeting is adjourned.

All agree that meeting was productive and confidence is restored in group to resolve
communication issues and to find a way to control beach situ.

No further business, Meeting adjourns at 1:09PM

minutes submitted by S Rudolph

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