MBCA General Meeting, May 8

REMINDER: The monthly meeting of MBCA for General Members is Tuesday, May 8th, at the Homemakers Club in Melrose. Free Parking! Doors open at 11:30a, meeting starts at noon. Topics on the agenda include:

  • Speaker: John McRae, with a proposal for Banana Mill
  • Tax Increment Funds, report from Tim Parker, request to form committee
  • Tree in trouble, Melrose Heritage Park, arborist contacted
  • Security workers needed for beach weekends (also, verify that we have people to open and close the beach while William is away).
  • Beach upgrade — tree work, sand possible? (William)
  • June potluck, 6-5-18 (Tuesday 6 PM) with publicity and email list activated.
  • Multi-Market announcement
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