Mr. Williamson of Williamson’s Food Store Passes

Our community suffered the loss of a great pillar with the passing of Romie Williamson this week. Mr. Williamson and his wife of 66 years, Twila Mae, have run the local grocery store for 46 years and everyone enjoyed his humor and energy as he worked at the meat counter providing delicious fodder for our BBQ grills. Our empathy goes out to his wife and family as we will all miss him deeply.

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  1. a. Mitchell says:

    When I go in the store now a days I keep thinking I will see him poking around the corner or tidying up something in the back. He was so kind and always wanted to share a smile. If I miss him this much I wonder how much his wife misses him. My heart goes out to her and I hope she will be able to find peace. We will always remember Mr. Williamson with joy and will keep a good thought for his wife and family.

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