Refurbishing the Melrose City Sign

At the west edge of town on SR 26 is a sign that welcomes visitors to our community. This sign is showing its age, so the MBCA is spearheading an effort supervised by Joe Rush to refurbish the sign. We want something similar, but also something that updates our image and message. Toward that purpose, we’ve asked that citizens submit ideas for possible sign candidates to the MBCA for consideration. We will hone that list down to the top few by the General MBCA Meeting on May 14th. The sign candidates will then be on display inside Gallery 26 for all to see and vote on during the month of May until our next MBCA meeting on June 11th.

Here’s our current sign:







Some of the sign candidates submitted so far appear below:

Karen Newman submitted several nuances that were similar, but with minor differences on paper. We are in the process of obtaining an electronic copy of those to display in this message.

Marshall Bloom (yeah, me) submitted the next two candidates:












Amy Zackowski submitted these two versions:
















Be sure to stop into Gallery 26 to view all the candidates and vote for your favorite!


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