Say YES! to Second Chances….sign the petition in Melrose now.

About Fran Rossano

In and around Melrose since 1976. Swan Lake dweller, retired from healthcare and real estate, but active in state and local politics. Advocate for improved quality of life in the Lake Area of Putnam, Alachua, Bradford & Clay County. Married to Joe Rossano.
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2 Responses to Say YES! to Second Chances….sign the petition in Melrose now.

  1. Marshall says:

    Fran, you left out a link to the Second Chance petititon:

    Are prisons here to rehabilitate someone who errs against society? Or are they here as another profit-motivated industry to separate haves from have-nots? Denying voting rights (essentially permanently) to offenders is related to the concept of privatizing prisons. When criminality is part of the profit line, extra effort is made to get people into prisons (through stricter enforcement of penalties) and keep them there (through merciless parole boards). If there is money to be made from prisoners, you can bet someone will figure out how to make more prisoners.
    Vote for Second Chance and vote against privatizing prisons.

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