Take Out Tuesday Contest

Easy Rules:

1. To be eligible to win a $100 gift certificate all you need to do is order takeout on Tuesday (April 21, 2020 and/or April 28, 2020) from a restaurant located in Putnam County, Florida.

2. Post a picture of your takeout order, with your receipt (date must show) and post it on the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

3. Then just enjoy your takeout from a local restaurant and thank you for doing your part.

A random drawing will be held on Wednesday, April 29th and the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate redeemable at the restaurant they posted their takeout from.

BONUS: If you also purchase a gift certificate for $10 or more from that restaurant, add it on your picture posted to Facebook and if you are the lucky winner you will get double the prize – a $200 gift certificate!

Please support our local restaurants by participating in this contest. They need us and we need them!  Thank you!

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