The Lake Santa Fe Story

What is The Lake Santa Fe Story? Want to know more about the Melrose area? Do you know how Melrose was formed? Do you know who formed Melrose?

Discover when, how, and why Melrose was first settled and learn what makes Lake Santa Fe a beautiful and important body of water. You are invited to view The Lake Santa Fe Story, a short documentary film about the history and charms of the Lake Santa Fe area. The film debuted during the Grand Premiere at the Melrose Elementary School Auditorium on Friday, April 22nd, 2016

First envisioned in 2014 by area artist Phil Robinson, this documentary was produced by noted Florida videographer Matt Keene with aid from a team of seven local residents who formed Alert Productions that included: Phil, Judy MacLaren, Jill McGuire, Laura Berkelman, Linda Kemp, Marshall Bloom, and Sue Sinclair. Additionally several Melrose residents were called upon to be interviewed, filmed, or provide facts or photos to support the story, including Tom Prevost, Mitchell Prugh, Laurie Alsobrook, Dr Terry Marshall, and Tina Santillo.

Phil Robinson is a self-taught artist who creates paintings and sculptures since retiring from the Duval County school system in 2005. Phil frequently uses found materials and latex house paint to produce nearly 300 works of art that have appeared in local art shows and art benefits for Haven Hospice in June 2007, Alachua Audubon Society in June 2008, Marsh Preservation Society in September 2009, Alachua Humane Society in October 2010, and the Santa Fe Audubon Society in March 2011. When Phil is not creating art, you might find him tending his beautiful garden or playing avant-garde jazz on his self-made 14-foot tall wind chimes.

Matt Keene is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist based in St. Augustine, Florida. This year he was honored as St. Johns Riverkeeper’s 2015 Advocate of the Year. Keene’s multimedia project, River be dammed: Florida’s Forgotten River, a 10,000-word investigative article and 17-minute mini-documentary on the Kirkpatrick Dam at Rodman Reservoir achieved wide acclaim and awards. Keene writes and raises awareness of environmental and social concerns as a long-distance adventurer who has spent more than 13 months in a tent, hiked more than 3,500 miles, paddled more than 2,000 miles, and holds the world record for being the first person to paddle his kayak over the entire Circumnavigational Trail: 1,515 miles of Florida’s salty wet perimeter. Matt is regularly invited to speak at environmental events, seminars, rallies, and workshops where young paddlers ogle his calloused palms.

Watch the 18-minute documentary, “The Lake Santa Fe Story“,  about our unique area, its history, and its citizens on YouTube.

For further information, contact:
Historic Melrose, Inc.
P.O.  Box 704, Melrose, Florida 32666

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