About MBCA


In November, 1982, a group of concerned Melrose business owners came together to establish a new community service organization. The Melrose Business Association, Inc. received its charter from the state on February 11, 1983. The purpose of the new association was to "work for the betterment of Melrose". Over the years they have done exactly that. Melrose is an excellent place to live and raise a family.

In 1995, the MBA, opened its rolls to the entire citizenry and took on a new name to reflect this change. Thus, the Melrose Business and Community Association was born.

The Melrose Business and Community Association meets each month at the Homemakers Club on Park Street in Melrose. We invite your participation. By increasing our membership, we can be more effective. We invite everyone in the Melrose area to join and work with us in building a better community now and for the future.

Annual dues buy you an MBCA membership, which, in turn:

JOIN the MBCA and become a participant in helping us reach goals to keep Melrose a proud and beautiful community with unique character.


Association members work to make this small town a better place to live and raise a family. Some of the past works of the MBA/MBCA are listed here:


Like to join our team to keep our paradise top notch? Come to an MBCA meeting and fill out this application or mail it to us.

MBCA Membership Application


Revised June 2, 2020