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Noon, Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Melrose Bay Park, Melrose, Florida
Elections for 2021 Board

Minutes of the General Meetings and Board Meetings

MBCA MISSION: To promote and support the Melrose Business Community and improve the quality of life for all its residents.

Join MBCA to help our mission and work toward our long term goals, which include:

  1. Improve sustainability and success for local businesses.
  2. Preserve small town charm and beauty of Melrose in the midst of population growth and development.
  3. Promote and preserve the best resources of Melrose:
    • Natural beauty and a joyful visitor destination
    • Citizen advocacy and community cooperation
    • History & historical relevance
    • Art & creative culture
  4. Increase the interaction among MBCA members and the Melrose community.
  5. Promote a wider diversity of MBCA members regarding age, economic status, race, culture, and spiritual affiliations.
  6. Encourage government organizations, agencies, and local businesses to provide the basic community needs, so we can all live well in place.
  7. Support and encourage a healthy community lifestyle by offering choices that promote & sustain health. Good health leads to greater economic stability and lower costs.


The general business meetings of the MBCA are held once each quarter: March, May, September, and October. Meetings are typically held at Mossman Hall, but check for exceptions. Doors open at 5:30p, meeting starts at 6:00p. MBCA members and anyone interested in the community are invited to attend. Membership is required to vote on issues raised at the meetings, but attendance is open to all.


MBCA Officers and Directors meet at Mossman Hall in Melrose to conduct business at 3:30p on the first Tuesday of each month that a General meeting occurs. Exceptions happen.

Melrose Business and Community Association
Board of Directors for 2020

President: Tom Germano, serving 2020-2021

Vice President: Kate Ellison, serving 2019-2020

Treasurer: Rebeca Richardson, serving 2012-2020

Secretary: [open]

Director At Large: Sean Connelly

Director At Large: Pat Cunha

Director At Large: Deborah Massie

Director At Large: Linda Osborne

Director At Large: Tim Parker

Director At Large: Fran Rossanno

Director At Large: Stasia Rudolph

Director At Large: Joe Rush

Committee Chair Persons

Melrose Bay Park: Joe Rush

Melrose Farmers Market: Bob Bird

Merry Melrose Xmas Parade: Joe Rush

Information Architect: Marshall Bloom

Membership & Publicity: Stasia Rudolph

Contact Us

MBCA, P.O. Box 1301, Melrose, FL 32666
President Tom Germano, 904.382.3890
Web Site:


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